[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (2023)

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  • Bulk compress videos to waste less time in video compression.
  • Videos compressed in bulk will remain the high quality without significant loss.

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[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (1)

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[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (2)

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As video content becomes increasingly prevalent, the need for efficient video compression tools has become more important than ever. For users with limited storage capacity or slow internet speed, the size of video files can be a major hindrance that needs to be removed in time.

Given this situation, in this article, we will explore the best seven bulk video compressors for PC on the market, and provide you with a comprehensive guide to choose the right tool for different needs.

In this article:

  • Part 1: Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors
    • 1. AnySmall Video Compressor [2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (3)
    • 2. VideoProc Converter
    • 3. HandBrake Video Transcoder
    • 4. Movavi Video Converter
    • 5. HitPaw Video Compressor
    • 6. Any Video Converter
    • 7. VLC Media Player
  • Part 2: Hot FAQs about Bulk Video Compressors

Part 1: Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors

01 AnySmall Video Compressor

Though you can choose those online video compressors, they share something in common, which is not being able to process bulk videos at a time. Therefore, you can prepare for this bulk video compressor - iMyFone AnySmall, which has been tested and recommended for enabling users to compress bulk videos at once. And the quality of those videos? No significant loss! Besides, they will be saved without attaching any watermark, so that you can freely upload and share them to anywhere you like.

(Video) How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality | Handbrake Tutorial

Let's download it to have a try and compress unlimited videos instantly!

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (4)


  • Bulk compress video files on Windows and Android devices without limitation.
  • No watermark to reduce video size for your easier uploading and sharing.
  • Compress videos for you to share on Discord, WhatsApp, Video, etc.

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Steps to use iMyFone AnySmall:

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone AnySmall to your computer and launch it. Click the window and add video files as instructed without limits on the quantity.

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[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (5)

Step 2: If you have any specific video size to follow, choose the different level from Compression Degree. Or, you can enter the preferred megabyte to customize video size. After that, click to start.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (6)

Step 3: Since you've uploaded many videos, it may take time for it to process, but it won't make you to wait long.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (7)

Step 4: The compressed videos will be saved to your device without your manually operating it. And you can go to where you save to get them or go back to compress once more.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (8)

(Video) BEST way to COMPRESS a Video File without Losing Quality in VLC


License Pricing
1-Month License $15.99
1-Year License $19.99
Lifetime License $29.99

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02 VideoProc Converter

  • Supported platforms: Windows and Mac

VideoProc Converter has been acknowledged as an impressive software for video processing for long, thanks to its various features that grant users numerous options. These functionalities include the capability to transform, modify, adapt, and compress videos to suit diverse needs.

Additionally, the various video compression settings are customizable, which simplify the process of online video sharing or conserving storage capacity on your device. For individuals in search of a productive bulk video compressor, it is highly recommended to utilize the compression feature of VideoProc Converter which is widely recognized for its popularity.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (9)


License Pricing
Premium 365 $25.95
Lifetime License $39.95
Family License $57.95

03 HandBrake Video Transcoder

  • Supported platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

HandBrake is an open-source video transcoder available for free that provides the opportunity to switch file formats of video files effortlessly. It is renowned for its user-friendly nature and capability to generate top-notch outcomes. Furthermore, it can be employed to bulk compress video files, minimizing their storage space without compromising on the video's standard. Due to this feature, it has gained immense popularity as a convenient tool fo video preparation that can be easily shared online or with others.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (10)

Price: Free

04 Movavi Video Converter

  • Supported platforms: Windows and Mac

An efficient and easy-to-use software, the Movavi Video Converter enables you to transform your video files into various formats with great efficacy. Noted for its rapid conversion rates and proficient capacity to manage multiple documents simultaneously. Aside from its ability to convert video formats, it can also compress videos, making their file sizes smaller without compromising their quality. Due to its ability to save disk space and upload videos to the internet, it has become a favored option among users.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (11)


License Pricing
1-year subscription $49.90
Lifetime License $39.95
Lifetime subscription $59.90

05 HitPaw Video Compressor

  • Supported platform: Windows

Another tool that can bulk compress video files is HitPaw Video Compressor. It is a program that streamlines the task of decreasing the size of video files, while ensuring that the quality of the video remains uncompromised. Effortlessly compress videos with exceptional efficiency that features a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, it provides users with a plethora of customization options such as resolution, bitrate, and frame rate, enabling them to fine-tune the settings to achieve optimal balance between file size and video quality. For all your video compression needs, HitPaw Video Compressor provides the ideal solution, whether you intend to post videos on social media, send them to your acquaintances or conserve storage capacity on your device.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (12)


License Pricing
1-Month plan $12.99
1-Year plan $19.99
Lifetime plan $29.99

06 Any Video Converter

  • Supported platform: Windows

Any Video Converter is a highly adaptable software program that empowers users to convert their videos into different formats with ease for various devices and platforms. In addition, its compression function enables users to decrease the dimensions of their videos without causing any damage to the quality.

Therefore, sharing videos on the internet becomes easier as this method helps to save the storage capacity of your device and also decreases the time required for uploading or downloading. With its blend of sophisticated capabilities and intuitive user interface, fulfilling all of your video conversion and compression needs is not that difficult.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (13)

(Video) How to Compress a Video File without Losing Quality | How to Make Video Files Smaller


License Pricing
Any Video Converter Free
Ultimate version for Windows $49.95
Ultimate version for Mac $54.95

07 VLC Media Player

  • Supported platform: Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source multimedia player that accommodates a vast range of audio and video codecs. Its widespread popularity stems from its versatile capability to play an extensive range of multimedia, such as streaming protocols, DVDs, and CDs.

Apart from its primary function, it’s also equipped with a range of other features, including the ability to convert and compress video files. And the compression feature of it is particularly useful for users who need to share videos with others or upload them to websites where there may be size limitations.

[2023] Best 7 Bulk Video Compressors for PC (14)

Price: Free

Part 2: Hot FAQs about Bulk Video Compressors

Q1 Why do I need to compress my videos?

Compressing videos can help you save storage space, reduce upload and download times, and make it easier to share videos online or via email.

Q2 How does bulk video compressor work?

Bulk video compressor typically uses algorithms that remove redundant data from the video files, without significantly affecting the video quality. The resulting compressed files are smaller in size, but maintain the majority of the original video quality.

Q3 Are there any limitations to using bulk video compressor?

Yes, depending on the software tool you use to bulk compress video files, there may be limitations in terms of the number and size of the video files that can be compressed at once, as well as the level of compression that can be applied.

Q4 How do I compress a video in bulk?

For these introduced video compressors, you can choose freely the one you like. All of them can be used to compress videos in bulk but some of them may be operated through a roundabout way by adjusting settings.


7 known-for-all bulk video compressors are introduced, and you can choose according to different needs. And if you would like a one that comes with an intuitive interface and easy-to-follow steps, look no further than iMyFone AnySmall. In 1 click, you can compress unlimited videos without quality damage and free up storage space for all your supported devices.

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(Video) Compress Large Video Without Losing Quality | Compress video | How to compress a video

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