CBS stations go dark for DirecTV customers amid contract dispute with AT&T (2023)

Source: CBS All Access

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CBS and AT&T failed to renew their contract, resulting in millions of DirecTV subscribers losing access to CBS programming.

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CBS television stations in over a dozen U.S. cities, including New York and Los Angeles, went dark for DirecTV customers effective 0200 ET (0600 GMT), CBS said in a statement on Saturday.

"While we continue to negotiate in good faith and hope that AT&T agrees to fair terms soon, this loss of CBS programming could last a long time," CBS added, as the companies blamed one another for the deal's collapse.

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CBS, the network with hit shows like "NCIS" and "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" is directing customers to a website called "," where they are urged to mail, call or post messages onto DirecTV's social media pages.

In a separate statement AT&T said that they "were willing to continue to negotiate and also offered to pay CBS an unprecedented rate increase."

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In March, AT&T renewed its contract with Viacom avoiding a blackout of MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central for users of the telecom carrier's pay TV service DirecTV.

CBS had informed its users on Tuesday that they should be prepared for a blackout from June 19, unless an agreement was reached with AT&T.

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